Tips for Yellowstone

Yellowstone Rafting

Tips for Yellowstone


As you are planning your Adventure in Yellowstone National Park we have some tips to make your Family Vacation run smoother and safer. We recommend checking out to see the upcoming Ranger Program Schedule, road closure and delays and newsletter.

Tip #1 – DRIVE CAREFUL – The top speed in Yellowstone is 45mph for the safety of the animals and yourself. Allow extra time if you have a scheduled activity or reservation!

Tip #2 – STAY ON TRAIL – Hold your Children’s hands while walking around Thermal Areas or the Boardwalks. Some areas are fragile crusts of ground and a person can fall through and be scolded to death.

Tip #3 – ALL 4 OFF – When you are pulled over to watch Wildlife you MUST have all 4 tires off the pavement. Some sections of the road do not have shoulders and you must keep moving until you find a safe place to pull over.

Tip #4 – FRAGILE HABITAT – Do not throw anything into Thermal Features/Areas! Taking anything from the park such as rocks, artifacts, or signage is strictly prohibited!!

Tip #5 – NO SELFIES – DO NOT approach any animal! You must stay at least 100 yards (92 m) from bears and wolves and 25 yards (23 m) from bison, elk and other animals. When an animal changes behavior because of your presence, move away!

Tip #6 – BEAR AWARE – All animals roam free including Predators! We highly recommend having Bear Spray which can be purchased when you arrive here or rented in the park, just ask a Ranger where you can rent a can. DO NOT TRY AND FLY WITH BEAR SPRAY IN YOUR LUGGAGE, TSA WILL SIEZE IT AT CHECK IN.

Tip #7 – EARLY TO RISE – The Early Bird does get The Worm or Bear or Wolf! Getting up before Sunrise is worth it when you visit Yellowstone. Animals are most active and most likely more visible when it is cooler, like the early mornings. You may have some success in the late evening as well. Binoculars are a must when looking for animals.

Tip #8 – HYDRATION – The Summer months in Yellowstone are very hot and dry! We recommend having water accessible at all times. Better yet, packing a cooler, this will save you time and money and keep your family hydrated and happy. For people who are flying, you can pick up styrofoam coolers and grocery supplies before going into the park in one of the gateway towns.

Common Sense is key when visiting The Great Outdoors! Yellowstone is safe and fun if you and your family are educated and prepared for your trip.



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