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Our Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the cancellation policy

A 48-hour cancellation notice is required for a refund. Cancellations made less than 48 hours before the scheduled departure will be charged the total cost of the trip. No shows will be charged the full price. To cancel, speak with a staff member directly and do not leave a message.

What is the recommended arrival time before our trip 

For rafting or horseback riding, please check in 30 minutes prior to your trip time. For scenic floats, check in 15 minutes prior to the trip.

Can I bring my dog

 Dogs are allowed on Scenic Float trips only, not on Whitewater trips or trail rides. Private boat bookings are necessary to accommodate dogs. For more information, call 888-722-6505 (MST).

How big are the rapids

The rapids on the Yellowstone River are Class II and Class III, characterized by rolling rapids without waterfalls or drops. The size of the rapids varies throughout the season, with the biggest rapids in May and June. River conditions can affect the size of the rapids, and it's recommended to call the day before your trip for an estimate. However, water flow is unpredictable, so no guarantees can be made regarding trip length or the size of the rapids.

should I tip my guide

Tipping is not required but encouraged. Gratuity is not included in the trip cost.


Is lunch included

Lunch may be provided for certain adventures.

Is transportation included

Yes, transportation to and from the river is included. However, transportation to check-in points, such as the office, shop, or corrals, is not included.

Do I need experience for the adventures

No, experience is not necessary. The Yellowstone River adventures are suitable for all ages and skill levels. Safety instructions will be provided before departure, and you can ask questions at any time to ensure your comfort.

Are there age limits for the adventures

Age limits may vary depending on the specific adventure. For detailed information, review the details on the Adventure pages or contact us directly at 888-722-6505 (MST).

Do I need special gear

All necessary gear is included for the adventures, such as helmets, lifejackets, booties, splash jackets, and wetsuits if needed.

What should I wear on my RAFT triP

For rafting and floating, it's recommended to wear athletic clothing, river-friendly shoes, and fleece. Avoid wearing cotton and dress according to the unpredictable weather in Southwest Montana.


What should I wear on my HORSEBACK RIDE

For horseback riding, wear long pants and layers, and bring a light jacket or sweatshirt. Closed-toe shoes are required for riding.

What should I bring ON MY RAFT TRIP

For rafting and floating, bring a water bottle, sunblock, sunglasses, and optionally a camera or phone at your own risk. It's also advisable to bring a towel and a change of clothes, as changing rooms are available.

What should I bring ON MY HORSEBACK RIDE

For horseback riding, bring a water bottle, sunblock, sunglasses, and your own camera or phone. Each saddle has a small saddlebag for personal items; However we recommend keeping your phone on your body. Bug spray should be applied before the ride, away from the horses.

Are guests ASKED to help carry the rafts

Yes, carrying the rafts is common practice across all raft companies, and guests are often asked to assist with carrying their raft. It allows for the safe transportation of the rafts from the trailer area to the launch site and back, fostering teamwork and participation among the guests.

Can guests request alternative arrangements

Guests who are unable to carry the rafts due to physical limitations can request alternative arrangements in advance. It is recommended to communicate any concerns or limitations to the rafting company beforehand, so appropriate accommodations can be made.

Will there be photos of our trip

Yes, for rafting, a photographer will capture photos available for viewing and ordering after the trip. Pre-purchasing photos at booking offers a discount. For floating and riding, it's recommended to bring your own camera for capturing memorable moments.

Accessing photos

Users are directed to visit the PicThrive platform to view, purchase, and download their photos. Purchased photos will be emailed to the address provided during the checkout process.


If you encounter technical problems accessing your photos, contact PicThrive support directly at

The email address is available for support seven days a week.


Refunds are only available for photos that were purchased in advance but cannot be received due to rare instances of camera or media card failures.

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